Thursday, 1 August 2013

Update from Tuo, in Fenualoa, Solomon Islands.

The team is currently training 17 Reef Guardians in Tuo, in Fenualoa, Solomon Islands. 

Our Reef Guardian program is a key component of how we work at village level. This program educates and empowers a team of local conservation minded fishermen to monitor the health of their marine ecosystem and guide their community on how to ensure the sustainability of the resource. The aim of the Reef Guardian programme is to train community members in simple monitoring techniques (using transects) to count key indicator fish and invertebrate species as well as substrate identification and percentage of cover.

Team is also working with 16 local women on a trial of two different types of presses for processing coconuts in order to produce coconut oil. 

The coconut oil will be bought from them and will be brought to New Zealand where it is available for buying. For more information have a look on the project here.

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